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Dear Guest,

Each society aims to protect its own moral values and carry them to their future generations in order to suggest ideal human and society perspectives from their unique point of moral values. Nation and societies’ future also depends significantly on these values. Even though the views on ideal human and society shifts through time, there are some major points that are more permanent. Some of these are trust, righteousness, diligence, affection, respect, sacrifice, solidarity, morals, altruism, tenacity, self-confidence, and faithfulness, which are almost always expected from any society anytime.

Turkish nation has a special place in the humanity thanks to its history with people equipped with cultural and civilization consciousness. Living in Anatolia, which could be described as one of the very important as well as intricate place in the world, the people in this land has historically shown its devotion to civilization very bravely. This part of the world has shown countless examples of affection, sacrifice, solidarity, morals and altruism, thereby, the examples of ideal person.

The incidences that took place in and around this land in the last century has shown that power is not sufficient on its own to live peacefully and there needs to be a new and refreshed perspective on ideal human. One of the areas that needs examination is education. 2023 Education Vision encourages educating citizens in order for them to integrate their will and intelligence, and work hard in order to perfect their talent. The youth who are free of laziness and slackness, who inquires, studies, and critically examines, and who conserves the good and true heritage from the history, are the people we need for the future. As in Rumi’s compass metaphor, we need people with one foot in their land/culture and the other foot in the other cultures and civilizations. The people who knows their essence, culture, history and civilization and the outside of its country equally. Naturally, in the formation of these type of people universities and non-governmental organizations have much to say. Therefore, Marmara University Atatürk Faculty of Education is collaborating with Marmara Education Volunteers Association in the organization of the 2nd International Congress on Seeking New Perspectives in Education at October 26-28, 2019 with the theme Human and Society Model in the 2023 Education Vision. Scholars in the fields of education and social sciences are invited to our congress.

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Şükrü ÖZDEMİR Zekeriya ERDİM
Marmara Univ. / Atatürk Faculty of Education
Marmara Education Volunteers Association
Congress Sponsors



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